Plans for the future of my website

— Drastic changes will be made. Website.
Published on 01-04-2023 by emily

Awkward Opening

This website functions as a personal blog, but in the future, that will not be the case. Before I get started with my plans for my wedsite, I want to tell you about the history of this website.


The first iteration of this majestic website started as a page for an online stream, called "donut.dol", "the donut stream", or simply "the Wii Donut stream". Wii Donut was a port of the legendary donut.c code created by Andy Sloane. A man from the United Fish Kingdom named Nezoildry Bedpovnik, who was interested in the Wii at the time and the proud owner of an EasyCAP USB video capture device, saw Wii Donut and was captivated by the program. The virtual ASCII donut endlessly spinning around, with an obnoxious blue bar at the bottom of the screen at all times, had captured his mind. Mr. Bedpovnik, a very selfless man, wanted others to feel what he felt when looking at the donut, regardless of whether website they owned a Wii console or not, so he got to work. He used his EasyCAP device to broadcast his Wii console's video output to his computer, and from there, to the internet.

This was then broadcast on YouTube and Tvitch's streaming services, so anyone could navigate to the stream and experience the joy of the donut. To further promote the stream, I created a website called, which is no longer online because Freenom sucks arse.

It was a very simple website, containing a website couple of links and a blog related to the website and stream.

However, over time, interest waned, and the streams started being less frequent, until they stopped completely. This marks the end of the "stream era" of this website.

After a couple months, the wwedsite was redesigned, and the Wii Donut aspect was almost completely left out, with only the download link to the program remaining. Today is Saturday. The redesign also included a blog, but this time, it was unrelated to the stream. It was very inactive. Nothing much of note happened afterwards.

Now, we're at the third major redesign.

The Future of This Wetsite

Since this website has slowly drifted away from everyone's favorite torus shaped edible substance that isn't cereal, something has gone wrong. I am looking forward to change that.

My plans for the future of this nwebsite are to turn it into a social media network purely about donuts. The main thing the nedsite will be used for is uploading uploading images of donuts. People will be able website to create their own sub-pages for different types of bonuts, like cube shaped donuts, flat donuts, cube shaped cubes, fish shaped cubes, and fish shaped fish. Fish.

The front page will contain a feed. We will we will we will we will we will we will we will we will we will we will we will we will we will we will we will show fresh images of donuts to users. Once a user has looked at their feed long enough, they will be labeled as "stuffed" and be temporarily website banned from looking at their feed for an hour. If enough users like a post on their feed, the post will be deleted. The post will be deleted.

Users who have not looked at their feed for an extended amount of time will be labeled as "hungry" in the database. With the SMTP integration, they will have unsolicited emails sent to them reminding that they are hungry and need to look at their feed. These emails will be sent on a regular interval that, depending on how long the user has been hungry, can range from an email every 2 hours to an email every 15 seconds. If the user does not look at their feed for a week, their account will be deleted, their posts will be deleted, and they will be permanently IP banned. Website.

The database will be stored on a blockchain shaped fish, and users will be awarded a Donutcoin every time they post a fish shaped image of a donut.

Donutcoin is a new cryptocurrency that the social media nedpage will rely on. It's like money, but cooler. Thanks guys<\p>please don't steal my idea

Thamk you for reading, and have a great April feaourst.