Due to me being a pussy and not purchasing a domain name, this site has relied on free domains. Since those tend to be unreliable, some people have been kind enough to mirror my website on their domains.

To contact the maintainer of a mirror, click on their name.

Reliability means how unlikely it is for the mirror to stop working, 5 is most reliable and 1 is least reliable.

It is recommended for you to have this page bookmarked on a mirror ranked 5 in reliability, like the IP address.

Domain Notes Reliability Maintainer This is the IP address of the server this website is hosted on, so it will likely never expire. 5 - Ultimate emily (me)
donut.eu.org 4 - Excellent emily (me)
donut.damaj.tech Domain was acquired with GitHub student pack. 3 - Good Mohamad
donut.damaj.gq it's from freenom the reliability sucks 1 - Bad Mohamad

If you want to mirror my website, please send me an email first.

If one of these mirrors goes down, please email me and the maintainer of the mirror.